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Swadeshi Mato for NRNs
Earning money but living a second class citizen’s life abroad?

The Nepalese economy is expanding. Startups are hot in Nepal. Talent is much in need. But, getting started is not easy. There are hurdles you should know before you move back home.
We aim to help you to find Investment Consultants, Business Networks, Business Partners, and like minded people.

Swadeshi Mato - a complete guide for NRNs willing to start a Business in Nepal

Come | Invest | Grow
Swadeshi Mato for Students & Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Pursuing a Degree or Completed Degree and wondering what’s next?
Frustrated from 10-5 Job? And thinking to start a Business? Don’t be fooled, starting a business isn’t easy. There are hurdles you should know before you decide to start an entrepreneurial venture.
We aim to help you to find your mentors, seed investors and like minded people.
Swadeshi Mato - A complete guide for Students and aspiring Entrepreneurs willing to start a Business in Nepal.
Stay | Start | Grow
Swadeshi Mato for Startups & SMEs
Starting a Business is simple (but not easy) and continuing your business in profitable way isn’t everyone’s game.

Get connected with the pool of our mentors, consultants and experienced strategic partners to simplify your legal, tax, financial, and marketing things online while sitting at your place and get it done within minimal time bound in a cost effective manner.

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Looking for a Business Consultant?

Business Plan Development

Market Research

Firm/Company Registration

Accounting & Bookeeping

FDI Support-Entry to Repatriation

Support in Private Equity Investment

S.P. Business Consulting Firm

Kathmandu Office: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
Chitwan Office: Tandi, Chitwan
Phone: +977-9845832440, Email: info@spbizconsult.com, Website: www.spbizconsult.com

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