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As per the report of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the total number of Nepalese abroad as on 2019 is estimated to be around 4-5 million. Most are temporary migrants working in several countries including in the Middle-East, Malaysia, Korea, Cyprus, and Japan. Remittance is a critical component of Nepal’s national income and in 2019, accounts for almost 30 percent of the size of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.
Nepalese go abroad for education, work or business. Most of them miss home and yearn for their country and its charm and uniqueness. Many of them want to come back to Nepal at some point of time.
Many people want to start a venture on their own. There is a lot of potential demand in Nepal as it is a developing county where needs have to be met.
Most NRNs have grown up in Nepal playing in the neighborhood and celebrating festivals with family and friends. They have bonding with their extended families – grand parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. It is not the same abroad. Yes, in some cases, festivals are celebrated in abroad as well where the Nepalese community is active. But it takes lots of planning and efforts. Many NRNs feel their children will have a cultural disconnect with their home country and prefer to move back.
Due to COVID 19 pandemic and other reasons, many countries are facing economic problems such as low growth and lack of job opportunities. In some countries, political and economic instability results in society closing doors on the people of other nationalities. There are many immigrant issues such as intolerance and violence that are increasing in different parts of the world. In such conditions, NRNs may feel it best to go back to “Aafnai Desh” where they will be welcomed and accepted.
A significant number of NRNs want to return to Nepal to be with their parents. They want to spend time with their parents. Some of them wants to return to offer physical support and care.
Many NRNs have gone abroad when they were young or for their education. They have been successful and are well off financially. They feel that they owe something to their country and want give back to their motherland in terms of skills, service or charity. Few NRNs may come back to Nepal and set up non profit venture to tackle socio economic issues to make a difference to the society.
As an NRN, it is not an easy and instant decision to pack-up your bag and move back to Nepal especially if your life abroad is comfortable and your family is well adjusted there. You need to think from different aspects – family, socio cultural adjustments, financial status, etc before you make the decision.

Swadeshi Mato is an initiative of S.P. Business Consulting, a management consulting Firm based in Nepal. We aim to provide maximum information on investment opportunities, business environment, government policies, job opportunities, key players in Nepalese Startup ecosystem, and an opportunity to connect with subject matter experts as well as returned migrants who have already settled in Nepal.

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