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Education sector in Nepal has good investment opportunities in the areas of technical and vocational education, education city, and research centres. The Government of Nepal is increasingly focused on improving labour productivity and developing skilled labour-force that can meet industry needs, both at home and abroad. The 2012 Technical and Vocational Education and Training Policy also recognized the need for skill-development training programs to adjust to the demands of the labor market and make Nepali workers more competitive in the international labour market. A total of 3,509,633 labour permits were issued by the Department of Foreign Employment from FY 2008/09 through 2016/17. Moreover, in its recent Policy and Program, the Government has emphasized its aim to move a large amount of agricultural labour force into other sectors. These facts and figures represent a huge market for investment in the technical and vocation education. Presently, most players on the supply-side are organized as stand-alone entities and operate in market in small and fragmented way making the sector lucrative for new big players. There are also good prospects to establish education cities which are dedicated and serviced areas for education institutes in the outskirts of any major city. In the last nine months of 2016, 39,307 students received no objection letters which is a mandatory document from Ministry of Education for students going abroad for higher studies. In addition, the open border allows many students to go to India for studies without formal authorization. Investment in education city can tap into this huge market of students who are looking for higher quality education. Finally, there is opportunity for investors to establish researcher centres that are committed to the creation and dissemination of knowledge, in a range of disciplines and fields, and featuring the appropriate laboratories, libraries, and other infrastructures that permit teaching and research at the highest possible level.

Investment Opportunities

  • Mobile Learning (M-learning)

Mobile learning refers to learning across multiple contexts through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices. An m-learning has great scope in the country as Nepal has better infrastructure for mobile communication technology than other forms of Information Communication Technology (ICT). According to recent reports, the mobile penetration rate in Nepal is about 86%. Therefore, an m-learning based platform could be a lucrative business option in Nepal.

  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training

In the past few years, various cities of Nepal had witnessed some of the most terrible natural disasters. After these disasters happened, youth unemployment rose quickly in the whole country. In such scenario, there was an emergent need for various skills in the youth. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) became critical in such situation. And now it has flourished in the country quite well. Opening a TVET centre in Nepal is a profitable business opportunity.

  • Internships/Job fair Organization

To cater to the students who wish to pursue their careers in the middle of their graduation or just after graduation, internship/job fairs could be organized. In the internship/job fairs, students could meet the employers directly and could grab various job opportunities in their field. If you have strong connections with different companies and could make them all available for students under one roof, then this could be a lucrative business opportunity. You could also organize internships drives in collaboration with colleges/universities.

  • Open and Distance Learning Institutes

Open learning is quite beneficial for those people who aspire to educate themselves even after pursuing a job. In Nepal, there are many students who have to pursue jobs from a young age. Therefore, open and distance learning institutes have a high demand in the country. A government authorized distance learning institute could be opened with certain efforts but could be quite a lucrative opportunity for edupreneurs.

  • Community School

Almost 17% of the Nepal’s total budget is invested in the educational sector and more than 85% of that budget goes in community schools. Community school refers to both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources with an integrated focus on academics, health and social services, leadership, and community engagement. Nepal is a viable destination to start a community school.  

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