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Required Documents:

Based on the standard practice and experience, the banks can request some or all of the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Valid proof of Applicant’s Identity ( E.g.: Citizenship/ Passport)
  • Passport size photographs of the applicant, the guarantor(s)
  • Loan request details ( How much you need/ How the money will be used/ Loan Period)
  • Audited Financial Documents (Balance Sheet, Cash flow Statement, Income Statements)
  • Business Legal documents ( Business Registration, PAN Registration Certificate)
  • Tax Returns (Personal and Business)
  • Business Plan
  • Bank declarations (Issued by the customer’s bank stating their account number and balance)
  • Other documents specified by the Bank from time to time

List of Banking Products offered by Commercial Banks:

Bank’s NameDetails of SME Loan
Agriculture Development Bank-SME Loanhttps://www.adbl.gov.np/adbl_sme-loan.html
Global IME Bank - SME Loanhttps://globalimebank.com/sme-loan.html
Nabil Sajilo Express Karjahttps://nabilbank.com/index.php/business/institutional-banking/products/nabil-sajilo-express-karja.html
NIC Asia Bank- SME Loanhttps://www.nicasiabank.com/sme/products-of-sme
Laxmi Bank-Sana Byabasai Karjahttps://www.laxmibank.com/loan/sana-byawasai-karja/
NMB Bank – SME Loanhttps://www.nmbbanknepal.com/corporate--business/SME-MSME-AGL
Everest Bank-SME Loanhttps://www.everestbankltd.com/product-and-services/loan-products/sme-loan/
BOK-SME Loanhttps://www.bok.com.np/services-products/small-business-finance
Mega Bank-SME Loanhttps://www.megabanknepal.com/page/mega-sme-loan
Prime Bank-SME Loanhttps://www.primebank.com.np/loans/sme
Nepal Bank-Business Loanhttps://nepalbank.com.np/content/corporate-loans.html
Nepal SBI SME Loanhttps://nepalsbi.com.np/content/sme-loans.cfm
Himalayan Bank-SME Loanhttps://himalayanbank.com/business/loan/small-medium-enterprises-loan-business

Apart from commercial banks, there are other financial institutions such as Development Banks and Finance Companies that can meet an entrepreneur’s funding needs. Similarly, most Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) provides business loans to individual entrepreneurs up to 5 lakhs with collateral and up to 3 lakhs without collateral.

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